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Economics for Emancipation

Conversations with the Center for Economic Democracy

Want to learn more about economic democracy?


Check out our new podcast, Economics for Emancipation, a four-part interview series featuring brilliant community organizers and innovators in conversation with each other.

Each episode explores creative strategies for building economic and political power, highlights transformative projects in towns and cities across the U.S., and delves into how a different approaches to economics and governance might offer a path to our collective emancipation.

Reports and Articles

Produced and/or written by our staff, local programs or coalitions

The Reinvest Report: 
Divesting from Injustice and Investing in Community, in New England and Beyond

By Celia Bottger, Rachel Eckles, Bianca Hutner, Sarah Jacqz & Emily Thai

Published by Solidarity Economy Initiative

July 2018

Solidarity Rising in Massachusetts:
How Solidarity Economy Movement is Emerging in Lower-Income Communities of Color


By Penn Loh and Sarah Jimenez

Published by Solidarity Economy Initiative 

February 2017

Reimagining the Economy:
The Social Justice Enterprise


By Aaron Tanaka

Nonprofit Quarterly

April 2019

Solidarity Philanthropy:
Reparations, Democracy & Power

By Aaron Tanaka

Justice Funder’s Liberate Philanthropy Blog Series

July 2018

Food Project-CED-SJE.jpg



Creating a Just, Regenerative and Democratic Economy


Aaron Tanaka interviewed by Ryan Honeyman LIFT Economy: Next Economy Now Podcast

March 2019


Women in Conversation:
the Boston Ujima Project

Nia Evans (Executive Director, Boston Ujima Project) 

interviewed by Cheyenne Wyzzard-Jones

CityView 22
January 2019

Screen Shot 2019-10-21 at 4.56.22 PM.png


Cooperative Economics for a POC-led Future

Aaron Tanaka interviewed by Laura Flanders


The Laura Flanders Show

January 2017

Screen Shot 2019-10-21 at 5.00.17 PM.png

In the News

Forbes Article  January 2019

Kwanzaa Meets Capital: Meet Boston's New Democratic Investment Fund

Nia Evans (Ujima Director), Lucas Turner Owens (Ujima Fund Manager) & Aaron Tanaka

Interviewed by Morgan Simon

The Christian Science Monitor Article  December 2018

Where local residents help birth the businesses that serve them

In the News

From Our Fellows

Next City Webinar  June 2019

How to Close the ‘Friends and Family’ Capital Gap for Entrepreneurs of Color

A webinar with Jessica Norwood

Founder and director of The Runway Project Jessica Norwood on building resilience for disaster and her work providing early-stage funding options and holistic business support as a wealth-building strategy for African Americans. 

Video  April 2019

Focusing on More Than CO2 with Climate

An interview with Gopal Dayaneni 

Movement Generation board member Gopal Dayaneni on key points of intervention in the climate crisis and how to frame our conversations about the scale of the problem in order to counter false solutions.

Jacobin Article  February 2019

“It’s Eco-Socialism or Death”

An interview with Kali Akuno

Cooperation Jackson leader Kali Akuno on the Green New Deal, the need for mass civil disobedience, and the necessity of building an internationalist movement for eco-socialism.

Next Economy Podcast  November 2017

The Road to Restorative Economics -- Community Ownership and Community Governance 

An interview with Nwamaka Agbo

Restorative economics practitioner Nwamaka Agbo on transformative models of finance and wealth redistribution that share power and center impacted communities and their self-determination for a Just Transition.

From Our Fellows
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